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Nokia 5230 gets FCC approval, US 3G doesn't

Chris Ziegler

The Nokia 5230's as good a reason as any to dip your toe in the S60 5th Edition waters without breaking the bank (and without sacrificing 3G altogether like you'd have to with the 5530), so if you're planning on picking one up, you may as well start learning everything you need to know before it hits your doorstep -- and the fastest way to do that right now is going to be to pay a quick visit to the FCC's vast data warehouse where the full documentation has just gone live. This particular version of the phone rocks 900 / 2100 only as far as WCDMA goes, meaning North Americans are going to be completely 3G-free -- but at any rate, the manual's a good read. The photography isn't the glossiest we've ever seen, but then again, we've never seen an FCC lab put a lot of effort into it -- just not their bag, we guess.

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