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Sony's MDR-DS7100 7.1 channel cans cut the cord

Tim Stevens

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Big, comfy, over-the-ear headphones will never go out of style if we have anything to say about it, but we could do without the thick, coiled cords that usually come with them. Sony's latest ditches the tether in favor of a 2.4GHz wireless system, capable of receiving 7.1 channels at a range of about 100-feet -- all without a single tap into your central nervous system. The broadcasting will be handled by what looks to be a the same bulky base station we saw in the MDR-DS7000, but the new 7100 offers a larger 50mm driver and 13 hours of battery life; a 30 percent boost. No word on pricing for when these ship in October, but the previous model is available for around $250, so we don't expect 'em to break the bank.

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