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Engadget HD reader meetup at CEDIA tomorrow

Ben Drawbaugh

We figured enough was enough and that it was finally time for the HD crew to get in on some of this meetup fun, so with some help from our new friends at the Georgia Tech chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery, we're having the very first Engadget HD reader meetup. The event will take place on the Georgia Tech campus -- so no University of Georgia apparel is permitted -- at the Klaus building in room 1116W at 6:00pm on Friday the 11th and will go for about two hours -- we're told the easiest way to find the room is to walk through the main stairs to the courtyard and look for the signs. There is a place to park a few buildings over, but it isn't free. So come by and geek out over some CEDIA news with Ben and Richard of Engadget HD, and the members of the local chapter of the ACM. Map shot is after the break.

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