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Make your way to Halo Waypoint on November 5


Wait, another Halo game? Nah -- if you've read our earlier report on it, you'll know that Halo Waypoint is actually a new section of Xbox Live dedicated entirely to Doritos Dash of Destruction the Halo universe. It was supposed to be coming this fall and, hey, it is ... on November 5, as this here official tweet confirms.

What awaits you at the Waypoint? The better question would be "what doesn't await you there?" Microsoft has promised that we can expect all manner of exclusive Halo content, including videos, trailers and podcasts, plus "a career system and player rankings tied to both in-game and out-of-game accomplishments related to Halo." It will also host updated looks at the forthcoming Halo Legends anime compilation. No Waypoint! Yes Waypoint.

[Thanks, EchoX860!]

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