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Nike seemingly plans 5G iPod nano-compatible heart rate monitor

Darren Murph

One of the new iPod nano features that Apple didn't bother to illustrate much yesterday is the integrated pedometer, and if an updated Nike+ iPod user guide is to be believed, that ain't the only fitness-related extra that the 5G nano will be good for. As the image above so clearly shows, a Nike+ compatible heart rate monitor could be on the way, and it'll function exclusively with Cupertino's only camera-toting iPod. AppleInsider was told that the product launch was actually scheduled for yesterday, but it was held up for reasons unknown and may not ship until 3058. Too bad -- we just know that you were waiting for this very device to start your workout regimen. Ah well, what's another dozen months of kicking back and ingesting Ho Hos, right?

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