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One Boss Leaves: Gortok Palehoof stuffs Lavanthor


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

Gortok Palehoof and his menagerie of stuffed death came alive on Lavanthor in this week's Two Bosses Enter Thunderdome. The puppy barked up just 29% of the reader vote under Palehoof and Company's onslaught. Rai calls it for the winning team:

Rai: Both Gortok and Lavanthor are essentially fighting for their freedom, as that's the situation they are faced with when you fight them in their respective instances. This might be an important point.

As long as Lavanthor is stronger than each individual minion of Gortok, he should have no problem killing them in any order, until Gortok himself enters the fray. By this point, Lavanthor will be injured. Lavanthor would create some more distance between the pair, and the battle would become a fire-spittin', spear-throwin' ranged showdown.

Assuming the spears aren't fireproof, with some careful aim (who am I kidding? lava spat all over the place), a lot of them might not even reach Lavanthor. However, Gortok would have been using Withering Roar this entire time, so Lavanthor's health is getting lower and lower ...

A stray spear works around the lava and hits Lavanthor between the eyes. The puppy is down, but it's very close. If Gortok is lucky, he won't die from his burn injuries.

thebitterfig: Lavanthor. Why? he's a damn Core Hound, that's why. Jormungar summons little worms, Lavanthor hits them with a flame cone. Rhino tries to Stomp, but the Core Hound refuses to fall down. Furbolg tries to fear, but why is a giant dog made of lava with two heads going to be afraid of an itty bitty bear-man? Worgen might be stronger than normal dogs, but let's not forget: two heads, with more horns, fangs and teeth than you can count (he'll eat you before you can finish).

Lastly, Gortok with his spear. He'll throw it, but Mr. Imafreakingcorehound just thinks he's playing fetch. Lavanthor will be bloodied by the end of it, but he's a Core Hound and he can cope with it. Of course, if he was a Uvuros- or Kurken-skinned Core Hound, he'd be thrashed before Gortok even woke up. Thus is the power and sheer coolness of the Core Hound.

James: This is an interesting match-up, but I'll explain why our victor is the clear win.

Round 1 Lavanthor goes up against Furbolg. First, the Furbolg would do a relatively large amount of damage while hitting both heads with his Chain Lightning. The fear also works against Lavanth, because both heads would be feared in two completely different directions. In Lavanth's defense, the Furbolg will go down quickly while stacking the fire debuff and the melee/fire breath. Not much health is lost between Lavanth.

Round 2 Lavanthor goes up against Rhino. First, the Rhino will immediately charge Lavanth, placing the first DoT on him. Not to mention that the Stomp will add to this, the Rhino will do a lot of damage, but like the Furbolg, will go down very quickly. Moderate amount of damage done.

Round 3 Lavanthor goes up against Jormungar. Firstly, the giant bug will take tons of damage. The bug will be roasted with the fire, and the poison won't do much damage. When the adds spawn, they won't be a problem at all, as the fire breath will roast them the moment they come up. Minor amount of damage done.

Round 4 Lavanthor goes up against Worgen. This is the kicker, right now. The Worgen will just go ass-crazy on that doggy. Not much to it other than hard damage. The Worgen will go down, but Lavanth will be very close to death. High damage done.

Round 5 Lavanthor goes up against Gortok Palehoof. Right off the bat, Lavanth is wore down with DoTs, poisons and massive physical damage. The Impale mixed with the cleave and the roar will leave poor old Lavanthor a trophy on the wall.

Final verdict Gortok Palehoof wins by a large margin. He initially starts out with the same amount of health as Lavanthor at the start of the gauntlet.

Lavanthor: Q_Q

Stay tuned for the next match of Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season and vote to determine who rocks Wrath's five-man world.

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