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Aion open beta hits some hiccups, but patches are on the way


First Champions, and now Aion. It seems that no game can find that smooth stride regarding their beta testing these days, but thankfully that's what beta testing is for -- squashing bugs. (No matter how much marketing we seem to lump atop these tests these days.)

The Aion development team has heard the community's call regarding the lag, authentication server, gameguard anti-cheating program, forum authentication script, and beta key release schedule. They understand that the problems with the lag experienced by North American users, as well as the login server not working, is frustrating. However, they are devoting resources to finding out the cause and will be patching the game ASAP.

As for the GameGuard, it seems the feisty little program has been coughing up more errors than usual for some users, making it another notch on the "to-do" list. Unfortunately, the beta forums didn't feel like cooperating either, leading to some users becoming unable to login and post their problems.

But, the team is making movement forward and will continue to iron out problems before release. We here at Massively wish them the best of luck in doing so.

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