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First look at Noby Noby Boy stuffed into an iPhone


Namco Bandai revealed the first screen of the iPhone Noby Noby Boy game to GAME Watch today, which can be seen here. As you may expect from a Keita Takahashi product, we can't really figure anything out about it based on this one screen, except that it's got BOY in it, and there's a display at the top of BOY's length. The game is currently 60% done, and has no announced release date yet.

People still playing the PS3 game may not even care what the iPhone version is, as long as it helps them add all-important centimeters to GIRL. Also, the fact that it "might be like free" will no doubt influence people to pick it up regardless of whatever actually happens. At the very least, it already looks neat. Of course, this screen could be a trick, like this early trailer for the PS3 game.

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