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Sharp announces HT-SB500 soundbar at CEDIA, some iPod docks too

Nilay Patel

Sharp mostly re-announced stuff we're already seen at CEDIA today, but it did have a new soundbar for us -- the $349 3.1-channel HT-SB500, which adds a center speaker to the usual stereo setup. Sharp says the bar can use Dolby Virtual Speaker to simulate 5.1 audio from DTS, Dolby Digital, and Pro Logic II sources, which is almost but not quite extremely interesting. There are also two new iPod docks, the $189 DK-AP8P and the $129 DK-AP7P, both of which should do a fine job of providing adequate audio on the go, with batteries that last up to six hours at a clip -- and the cheaper one apparently folds up into itself, so that's very fancy.

P.S.- That's a picture of the older HT-SB300 up there -- the SB500 has a redesigned control panel, but Sharp hasn't released images yet.

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