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Toys R Us videogame 'buy back' program underway nationwide


According to the gang at Joystiq, the Toys R Us videogame trade-in program launches in earnest today, meaning that any of you cats with old videogames laying around can trade 'em in for the retailer's gift cards, no questions asked. Just take your old games (even going as far back as the Atari 2600 or Intellivison) to the customer service desk of your local store and they'll make you an offer at which point, according to a store representative, the games are then "taken by a third party company that refurbishes them for resale." This year's been pretty tough, but between our old game cartridges, Cash for Clunkers, and Compton's "Cash for Firearms" program, it looks like things might finally be going our way after all! The worm has turned, our friends. Indeed, the worm has turned.

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