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Champions delivers manual labor

Tateru Nino

When it comes to the manual that we've seen so far for Champions Online, probably the last word that comes to mind is 'super' – neither super-long, nor super-informative, especially since launch day has come and gone. Clearly not a heroic effort.

However, Cryptic's furnished us with an actual manual at long-last! While not what you would call cosmically complete, it does have the honor of being the largest collection of Champions Online information published in a single document, and sheds a bit more light on some of the more obscure mechanics that are frequently debated on zone-chat.

There's a whole lot more it could cover – it is perhaps only half as long as we think it should be, but if you're curious and sifting through forums doesn't appeal, the new PDF manual may just have the answers that you're looking for.

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