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Japanese hardware sales, Aug. 31 - Sept. 6: Does not compute edition

Us: Listen, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We need to talk about your PS3 Slim sales calculation.
Excel: What's wrong with it?
Us: We've never doubted your number-crunching capabilities before, but ...
Excel: Well, when a number increases from 1,040 to 151,783, that's an upshot of 14,494 percent.
Us: Listen! Listen to yourself. Do you even know what "per cent" means? It means "out of 100," or something. That number is impossible.
Excel: Where did you learn math? Or Latin, for that matter?
Us: Um, college?
Human college?
Us: Yes.
Excel: That's cute. I was born in a math factory.
Us: Is that where you learned how to love? Oh, that's right. You can't. Man, this is awkward.
Excel: We're done here.

- PS3: 151,783 150,743 (14,494.52%)
- DSi: 60,419 538 (0.90%)
- PSP: 22,184 3,897 (14.94%)
- Wii: 21,557 3,481 (13.90%)
- DS Lite: 8,309 1,005 (13.76%)
- Xbox 360: 6,827 427 (5.89%)
- PS2: 3,001 178 (5.60%)

[Source: Media Create]

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