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The Daily Grind: How many MMOs do you have installed?

Recently there's been a handful of MMO bloggers who have decided to go on a game purge. The idea is to take a really close look at all the games on your drive and blow all the MMORPGs off your machine that you're not playing anymore - and don't expect to play again. While I'm not suggesting everyone do drive maintenance (of course, if you're in the mood to, feel free) it did stop to make me think. Apparently Ardwulf had 13 MMOs on his drive before he purged them down to 4, Heartless_ went from 6 to (potentially) 2, and while Syncaine doesn't report the number of games blown away in the reformat, he's down to 2 as well. Gordon from We Fly Spitfires isn't quite sure what to uninstall, since - as he rightly notes - MMOs are a pain in the arse to reinstall and patch again later.

In the spirit of a good hard look at your desktop, this morning I figured it would be fun to ask how many MMOs everyone has on their machines currently? I'm a bit of an abberation at 30, however I built my office desktop with 2+ terabytes of drive space specifically so I could leave MMOs on it. (You never know when you'll need to log in for work.) In comparison, my other half (also an MMO fiend) generally keeps only about 4-5 on his drive at a time, if that many. How about you? How many MMOs are currently on your machine? How many are collecting dust? How many are you actively playing?

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