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Doublesix chalks higher Burn Zombie Burn sales up to Firmware 3.00

Though the PS3 Firmware Update 3.00 failed to bring about the grand, sweeping changes that most of us are waiting for, it's apparently been a boon for PSN developers. In an interview with GamesIndustry, Doublesix claimed that sales for Burn Zombie Burn jumped 40 percent following the update -- largely due to the fact that the downloadable title was featured in the What's New section, which is now the first thing that appears when the PS3 is turned on.

According to Doublesix studio head James Brooksby, the PS3 start-up screen has always had a "40 inch advertising space waiting to be used," and that the introduction of the What's New menu is "a major step forward for the entire industry and the digital distribution sector." Obviously, Brooksby completely overlooked the true highlight of the console's latest update: The sparkles. Oh God, the sparkles!

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