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HTC Hero firmware update peps up the Sense Experience to something usable


Good news for HTC Hero early adopters: HTC has a new firmware update out now for the device, and it considerably speeds up the interface if the multitude of reports to be found on the internet can be believed. Seeing as this was the number one gripe with the overall excellent UI, we're incredibly glad HTC has gotten work on this, and we'll be spending some more time with the device to return our newly tinted impressions. There's a video after the break demonstrating changes, and most actions seems quite a bit quicker and smoother, all the way down to opening and closing the apps menu, and sliding between home screens. The update doesn't really include much else in the way of features, but since it's addressing the main pain point of the phone, we sure don't mind -- and neither will Sprint users, who we suppose will be getting this newly improved interface right out of the gate.

[Via Gizmodo]

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