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Rumor: Toys R Us ad leaks $50 Wii price cut


No, not to $50, though that would be an awesome way to tie up this holiday season for Nintendo. Kotaku shared this possible excerpt from a future Toys R Us ad, showing Wiis for sale for just $199, with Wii Sports, effective September 27. Now, we're not going to call this true or confirmed or anything that implies we have any confidence in this image. In fact, there are a few possibilities:
  1. It's real (yay!)
  2. The art of faking retail ads has advanced significantly since the run-up to the PS3 Slim release, and it's a convincing fake
  3. It's real, but the "price cut" term is actually referring to a Toys R Us sale (still yay, but not universally so).
In any case, just don't buy a Wii until late September. You've waited almost three years anyway!

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