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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

HTC Leo spotted in the wild, sports gargantuan 800 x 480 display
It dwarfs the Touch Pro2 (a largish handset in its own right) in head to head comparisons, and seems strikingly similar to earlier leaks -- even down to that dual LED flash and the Pro.Three moniker on the back.
Deutsche Telekom eyeing Sprint Nextel for acquisition?
The telecom giant, with an estimated value of $60.45 billion, has called in advisers from Deutsche Bank as it reportedly prepares to submit an offer to the $10.6 billion-valued Now Network within the next three weeks.
Zune HD sold early, still unusable until tomorrow
At the time, no 32GB versions were available, and even now, this 16GB unit won't sync with one's PC or do much of anything useful.
(See also: Zune portals close up shop for the day, should re-open with Zune HD launch)
Other news of import

VIZIO Connected TV & VIZIO Internet App platform demoed at CEDIA
in the demos at least, the VIZIO Internet Apps platform was speedy and easy to use, however our experience with widgets so far has given us more than enough reason to wait for a full retail rollout before making any final decisions.

LG officially announces GW620, its first Android phone
The phone is geared at "making the smartphone experience more accessible for typical users" and "young professionals who demand a full QWERTY keypad," which we guess makes WinMo a more business-savvy platform in LG's eyes.

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