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Video: 12-inch MSI Wind U210 gets a thorough going over


As long-time Engadget readers know, there is nothing so riveting, or for that matter so wildly sensual, as a laptop unboxing in a foreign language. That's why we're proud to present you with this video of an MSI Wind U210 being unboxed and manhandled as only the kids at BlogEee can do it: en Francais! But that's not all, they give it a pretty thorough going over as well (with a more than extensive gallery to boot). As far as looks go, this is pretty much a typical Wind: plastics are identical to the U100, and while small details may differ "the resemblance is still striking." Even though not a "netbook," the site ranks the 12.1-inch laptop rather high on the portability scale -- after all, it is only 1.46 inches longer and 100 grams heavier than its precursor. But what are you waiting for? Hit the read link for all manner of philosophical musings on things like USB and audio in / out placing on the device. But not before peeping the video after the break.

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