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Craigslist Lotharios looking for PlayStation Home rendezvous

There, shining like a beacon of justice atop Mt. Craigslist, we saw it. Two men from the Washington D.C. area had poured their hearts out on a digital classified ad, looking for women tailored specifically to their carnal needs. Their demands were innocent enough, until the inclusion of the immediate disqualification of "Obese Girls (try drinking water for a change)." This shallow (and confusing) item required immediate karmic retribution. As we pondered our involvement in this matter, we saw it:

"Looking for potentially LTR (long-term relationship) with college educated women around our same age, to meet initially via Playstation Home."

Our minds raced with the retaliatory possibilities -- shapeshifting would most certainly be involved, that much is given. But to what extent could this vulnerability be exploited? An hour of feminine manipulation, and then ... the switch? A day of personal exchanges before ... the exchange? A week? A month? A year?

With solemn determination, we gathered our courage -- and became unspoken executors of the Longest Con.

[Via Superannuation]

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