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HP makes nice with Apple users, intros two new MediaSmart Servers


While there are still some Snow Leopard users who are cursing HP and Apple for incompatible or nonexistent drivers for a variety of printers that worked well under Leopard, HP has made an announcement that shows that they really do love all things Apple.

HP today announced two new MediaSmart servers, the US$549 HP MediaSmart Server EX490 (1 TB of storage) and the US$699 HP MediaSmart Server EX495 (1.5 TB of storage). Like their predecessors, the two new servers are based on Microsoft Windows Home Server.

HP obviously listened to the concerns of Mac users while designing the new servers, since a Windows PC is no longer required in order for administration. Instead, Mac owners can use Microsoft's new Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2.0 to log in and make changes. The servers are also Time Machine friendly, and include a new HP utility that allows bare metal recovery of machines backed up onto the server.

Also new to the servers is the HP Media Collector, which automatically collects and organizes media files from Macs or PCs on a network, and then makes the data available for streaming over the Internet. There's also a new HP Video Converter utility for automatically converting unprotected DVDs into a format that can played at home or remotely.

For iPod touch or iPhone users, HP has made the free MediaSmart Server iStream app [iTunes link] available in the App Store. Using this app, Apple fans can view their pictures, watch their videos, and listen to music, all streamed from their HP MediaSmart server.

Intriguing? Take a look at more information on HP's Web site.

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