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Nintendo reveals three new Bit.Trip games headed to WiiWare


Proving that the Bit.Trip is far from reaching its destination, Nintendo has listed two additional games in the pixel-celebrating series for WiiWare. (We already got a hint at another this morning, bringing the total number of Trips we'll be going on to three.)

The Big N has the already announced Bit.Trip: Void down for Q3 2009 release, noting that "three additional titles" in the franchise will arrive sometime in Q4 2009 and into Q1 2010. We already know from our chat with Gaijin Games that one of the trio is based on an old-school Atari title -- the other two are anyone's guess. We're betting on the sixth game being Bit.Trip: Trip, in which players must guide a lone pixel home through all of the previous Bit.Trip games.

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