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NuVision crashes the projector party with LED-lamp P2, 3-chip P3

Steven Kim

NuVision has picked our favorite way to make a splash with a product sector entrance -- bring out models packing relatively unique tech. The P1, P2 and P3 DLP projectors should fit into NuVision's custom-centric product lineup quite nicely when they release early next year. Things start out pretty tame with the $8,999 P1, a UHP-lamped offering with (of course) 1080p native resolution. The P2 makes the game interesting with its LED lamp system that should pretty much cut the lamp exchanges down to zero if you can really control the ambient light in your theater; but then again, $18,999 would pay for a lot of bulbs. Finally, there's no denying the glory of a three-chip DLP setup, though, and P3 mates those three chips with a 300-Watt UHP lamp for the kind of no-compromise performance you'd expect from a $36,999 beamer.

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