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Virtua Fighter 5, FIFA Street 3 kick Games on Demand in the face


Because both games involve flying feet, get it? Anyhway, Major Nelson has informed the masses that both Virtua Fighter 5 and FIFA Street 3 have landed on Xbox Live's Games on Demand service. As usual, both games are only available in certain regions. Virtua Fighter 5 is confined to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, while FIFA Street 3 is available everywhere except Austria, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan. Also as usual, pricing varies by region, so check your local listings.

You may find yourself wondering just how companies decide which regions get their games. We're convinced that Microsoft has set up a giant Velcro map, next to which is kept a bucket of tennis balls. Granted, we have no proof to back up this theory, but we're almost positive it's the truth.

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