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AgfaPhoto trots out "size zero" line of ultrathin digiframes

Darren Murph

We'd argue that we've reached the saturation point when it comes to new digital photo frames, but AgfaPhoto would clearly beg to differ. The outfit famous for cranking out ho hum devices that are easily overshadowed has just introduced seven new ultraslim options, all of which are hoping to see a release prior to the mad rush that is the holiday shopping season. Said to be the "size zero" of digiframes, these measure just 1.3 centimeters thick while shipping in a range of sizes from 7- to 10-inches. As expected, you'll find 1GB of internal storage alongside a multicard reader, and when not flicking through a slideshow of last year's Valentine's bash at the corporate headquarters, it can also play back risque videos from the afterparty. Don't expect these to ship stateside anytime soon, but those across the pond can reportedly snap 'em up for between £49.99 ($83) to £129.99 ($216) later this year.

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