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Free Realms coming to PS3 mid-2010, may support PlayStation Eye

The Q&A session following the Free Realms-centric keynote speech, delivered earlier today by Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley at GDC Austin, contained a hopeful tidbit for those looking to play the aforementioned free-to-play MMO on their consoles. When we asked about the release window for the PS3 version of Free Realms, Smedley cheekily replied, "I'm wondering, too!" He then added, "It's next year sometime, toward the middle of the year."

During his speech, Smedley also addressed the functions which would be specifically tailored for the MMO's console outing, saying, "For the PlayStation 3 version, it's very likely that the Eye is going to be something we support." We hope the Eye's implementation isn't of a voyeuristic nature -- if there's anything our late-night Uno sessions taught us, it's Camera + Internet Strangers = Terror.

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