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WoW Moviewatch: The Orchard


We first talked about the BitFilm Festival 2009 Machinima contest when we featured La Terroriste last week. With the clock running out on the time for votes, I wanted to mention another machinima entry for this year's contest. The Orchard is a horror-genre movie from Dan Ross (otherwise known as Lafawnduh). Dan is the same creator who filmed The Ultimate Snowdown.

The Orchard
is an incredibly well-crafted movie that is deeply steeped in its own genre and moody atmosphere. I particularly enjoy how the story is tied up without an obvious, author-determined morality applied to Margaret. The video is well worth the time, and Dan should be applauded for his artwork.

Ultimately, I wish good luck to La Terroriste, World of Workcraft, and The Orchard in the BitFilm contest. While obviously has no stake in the contest, I think all three would be worthy winners. Good luck, folks!

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