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Breakfast Topic: Feats of Fail


The other night, I dinged while dead. I was waiting to be resurrected by the Spirit Healer in the cave of Alterac Valley and leveled. This is happening a lot now that Battlegrounds give experience, so I'm sure many of you have done the same.

I am not normally a Dinger in guildchat -- that's just so EQ -- but this time, I had to announce the dubious honor of dinging while dead. A guildie suggested that Blizzard implement Achievements specifically to commemorate events like this: Feats of Fail. The Achievement for leveling while dead could be called "Better Late than Never". (See what I did there?)

I would love to see this implemented and there would be so many I could easily get, like an Achievement for dying in the Undercity Elevators X number of times. (It's a Doozie!) I'd also easily earn one for how often I've shape changed on my druid in a small space and gotten stuck. (Time to Change Classes.) The Spousal Unit has accidentally drowned so frequently, he deserves a "Not a Witch" Achievement.

What Feats of Fail would you earn?

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