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Fallout 3 premium theme available now, free to loyal DLC buyers


Fellow wanderers of the Capital Wasteland, behold what Atom has bestowed upon us: the Fallout 3 premium theme. The glorified post-nuclear wallpaper sells at a standard bottle cap conversion rate of 240 ($3 in pre-war money); however, those who purchased all five of Fallout 3's expansion packs can download the theme for free on October 1.

Those obtaining the theme for free will "receive a token from Microsoft" according to Bethesda. We're still a little fuzzy on the specifics, but that's probably because we've been sniffing punga spores. We're still working on getting more details about how the free version will work, but those who want to buy the theme can drop those caps now.

Update: Microsoft will be emailing the codes, so make sure the email attached to your Live account is functioning.

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