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It came from the Blog: Let's celebrate Pirates' Day!


Avast me hearties! It nears time for Pirates' Day! Yarrrr!

Come celebrate Pirates' Day with It came from the Blog. Here are the details:
  • When: 5pm EDT (3pm Server Time, 2pm PDT) Saturday, September 19th
  • Where: Meet in Orgrimmar in front of the bank on Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: A Horde character, any level
  • How: Send a tell to Robiness or any It came from the Blog member to join the guild
  • What: We'll get a pirate costume and an Achievement.
We'll run from Orgrimmar to Ratchet together and then take the boat to Booty Bay for the festivities. All races and levels should be able to get to Org with little trouble. Tauren can take the zeppelin from Thunder Bluff and Blood Elves can take the teleport from Silvermoon to the Undercity and then the zeppelin from Undercity to Orgrimmar.

So get there before 5pm EDT if you want to run with the guildies. All latecomers can just meet us at Booty Bay.

For more info about It came from the Blog, please see our FAQ.

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