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Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Ramen)


No, this is not a hands-on preview of the upcoming US release of Monster Hunter 3. (You'll have to wait until next year for that!) Nor is this a review of the Japanese release. (You can, instead, read our hands-on preview from TGS.) This is the next best thing: a review of the limited edition Monster Hunter 3 ramen -- or "hunta-men" as the packaging states.

Available for 200 yen (about $2.20), this packaged instant ramen is surprisingly good, featuring a hearty meaty taste and slight spicy kick. There are even dried meat pieces floating in the soup. While it may actually be beef, we're going to pretend it's dragon meat, because that's what a real monster hunter would eat, right?

Some may be put off by Monster Hunter 3's controls, as players are required to open not one, but two packages of soup base. One includes the dry ingredients, while the other includes an oily liquid base that adds the delicious kick to the noodles. Successfully preparing the ramen will also require patience: getting the noodles to a firm state will require at least five minutes of waiting. This certainly isn't as pick-up-and-eat as other portable instant ramen noodles.

It's too bad that Capcom has no plans on bringing Monster Hunter 3 ramen to the states, as we're sure American gamers will eat it up. It's a good ramen, with a surprisingly bold flavor and terrific graphics.

Joystiq Score: 8/10

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