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Rock Band mobile out now, Verizon gets it first


R--k -and mobi-- is avail-- now on Ver--on pho-es. *Switches over from AT&T.* Can you hear us now? Good! Rock Band for mobile phones is available now on the Verizon network. The game includes 25 songs and comes with "cooperative multiplayer" and "Pass-n-Play" modes, as well as the standard "Tour" mode, where players can perform with any instrument -- as long as that instrument's interface is the phone's keypad.

Rock Band mobile costs $4 for a monthly subscription and $10 for a "one-time use on more than 30 handsets." We were a bit confused about that line, so we contacted Verizon, and the provider confirmed that a $10 payment unlocks the game for "unlimited use." So there you have it!

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