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UT3 is FTP on STW

Oh, sorry -- do you lack the cryptologic know-how to decipher that headline? Excuse us as we get our Layton on:
  • UT3 is not a shorthand way of saying three urinary tract infections -- rather, it's the acronym commonly used to refer to Unreal Tournament 3.
  • Though the internet-savvy may assume FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, that doesn't make much sense with the previous piece of the puzzle in place. However, "Free-to-Play" fits quite nicely.
  • STW obviously means "Steam this weekend." If you couldn't figure that out, you should probably go jump off a cliff or something.
Every puzzle has an answer -- this time around, the answer is "Unreal Tournament 3 is free-to-play on Steam this weekend," beginning today at 1PM PST. Unfortunately, we've got no Picarats to distribute. As any true gentleman knows, cerebral satisfaction is its own reward.

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