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Eurogamer wants you to get games from its new service, 'Get Games'


The digital distribution arena gained one more challenger recently, after Eurogamer announced its new PC game distribution platform, "Get Games." Like IGN's DIRECT2DRIVE, the service will offer downloadable PC games paired with editorial content from the "mother" site (Eurogamer). Partnering with UK digital distributor Mastertronic -- and in turn, company boss and totally not a video game character, Andy Payne -- the idea is to harness Eurogamer's "quality editorial content and eyeballs" as well as Mastertronic's "five years and vital experience in this space." says Get Games will host free-to-play, indie, classic, and new titles. No mention of Eurogamer's relationship with existing partner Metaboli (a very similar service) has been made and it remains to be seen whether Get Games and Metaboli will coexist on Eurogamer's site.

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