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Fat Princess bulks up on content for PSP debut


The portable version of Sony's PSN-exclusive darling, Fat Princess, was being demoed by the publisher at yesterday's PSP holiday showcase and looked ... just like the console version. We asked Sony what would set the game apart from its console counterpart -- other than the fact that it's on PSP -- and were enthusiastically told, "It'll feature 50 percent more content!"

Okay, that's very nice, but also very vague. So, we of course asked for more details and learned that the game will have a variety of modes not found in the PS3 release, including one where the class hat generators are busted at the beginning of the match and must be repaired using resources before they can be used.

Another mode removes the princess from the equation and has players delivering something to their opponents' castle rather than removing it -- a bomb. Sony calls this portable version of the game "Fat Princess 1.5," saying that it also has an expanded single-player component, a new map and the aforementioned new modes (plus some). If there's anything this franchise stresses, it's that "more is better."

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