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Rappelz to upgrade to Epic VI, "Solus Aurum"


Rappelz players will rejoice to know that their game will be receiving a brand new update in the tradition of their "epic" patches known as Epic VI: Solus Aurum. Solus will be adding a brand new dungeon based on Egyptian mythology, an area created specifically for selling goods to other players (finally), the ability to create larger bags, and three new pets to have fight at your side.

The shining jewel of the update, the dungeon known as "The Sanctuary," is home to a tribe of people with glittering golden eyes. This tribe, formerly persecuted and hunted for their eyes, fled to a corner of the world to hide. To defend their way of life, they built the Sanctuary and its great guardian, Aurumis. Overtime, however, the people forgot about the outside world, choosing to believe all outside their walls were enemies. Now they attack on sight, offering no remorse for any who walk into their sacred halls.

For all of the information on Rappelz's new addition, check out their update specific website.

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