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Take a stroll down memory lane

Mel Martin

Most Mac users know the ads that Apple produces are really good and very effective at getting a message across. It's pretty much been that way from the start. Don't believe me? Web Designer Depot has collected ads that go way back to the Apple II, and it's a fun trip. I remember most of these ads, as I first started with Apple after I dumped a TRS-80 for an Apple II way back around 1977 or so.

Some of the ads look a bit dated of course, but Apple always had great copy and a decidedly non-institutional bent to their message. That, of course, continues today.

Those who remember these products will get a kick out of seeing the ads again. Those who don't are sure to find them an interesting window into the corporate mind of Apple.

If, by the way, you haven't had your fill of Apple advertising history, saunter on over to the Mothership gallery and look at even more Apple stuff.

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