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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Google says Phil Schiller himself rejected Google Voice from the App Store
It was always curious that Google's response to the FCC inquiry about Google Voice and the App Store had been redacted, but now we're starting to see why.
HTC Leo Windows Mobile 6.5 slate is capacitive?
We've got backside action now too, sporting a big "HTCPRO.Three" stamp we presume heralds Pro3 branding whenever this 1GHz Snapdragon handset launches.
FCC to propose new net neutrality rules disallowing data discrimination
Based on what we're hearing, a slate of soon-to-be-proposed FCC rules may stop the likes of Comcast from discriminating against P2P applications on their networks.
Other news of import

RealD figures designer glasses might help the acceptance of 3D
The solution to consumers gripes over ill fitting and odd looking 3D eyewear?

INQ Mini 3G review
With deep integration of Facebook, Twitter and Skype, it's designed to be a do-it-all social networking device.

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