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WRUP: Drinking Pirates edition


There's not much that says "festivities" like a pirate drinking ale. At least, that seems to be the general opinion on the matter. There's more than one or two of us who'll be knocking back a pint and donning our very best Arrrrrrrr! for the weekend.

While last weekend was a time for many of your intrepid reporters to hit DDO Unlimited, we're all returning home to check out Brewest and Pirate's Day. Really, I think it's the ale. It's a little bit of the inner dwarf coming out in all of us.

Well, except for Adam. He's going to be off having a real life and such. No Pirates for him!

  • Adam Holisky: (@adamholisky) - The weekend began for me on Wednesday when we saw @thatkevinsmith in Minneapolis, and for the actual weekend we're going to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and catching one of the last Twins games in the Metrodome. As you can tell, this is a WoW free weekend. Why? Because I value my significant other and saying anything like "damn Resto Druids" or "OMGWTF? l2tank" would pretty much ensure that I'd be going to these events by myself next year.
  • Alex Ziebart: (@aziebart) - I'll be doing Pirates and drinking as much as possible. With my small legion of gnomes, it will be difficult to not spend all weekend turning into tiny little swashbucklers.

  • Allison Robert: Heroics and cursing the day that that miserable achievement School of Hard Knocks was added to the game, because it's the only thing standing between me and a violet proto-drake after Brewfest goes live. Do I sound bitter? I might sound bitter.
  • C. Christian Moore: Tonight I'm taking the wife out on a nice date. She's been sick the past few days, hopefully she'll be over it today. I'll probably be writing a lot this weekend too.

    In-game, I'm going to hit up Gnomestock on Saturday and continue leveling my mage. I'm also going to celebrate Pirates' Day with It came from the Blog.
  • Daniel Whitcomb: (@danielwhitcomb) - I'm gonna get my Pirate Day and my Brewfest on, for sure. My Death Knight needs to wait for Hallow's End to get his Protodrake though, alas, but he's still on track for it! Of course, part of me isn't sure I want to give up my awesome Blue Protodrake either.
  • Dominic Hobbs: (@DMZduffry) -Brewfest! What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been! Violet Proto-Drake! ToC 25 man heroic.
  • Eddie Carrington: (@Brigwyn) - Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's a leveling I go! I'll be leveling up with my new guild.
  • Gregg Reece: Brewfest, Fighting at Tavern Brawl (an SCA event), and then tanking an
    Ulduar run.
  • Matt Low (@mattycus) - For me, it won't be WRUP. In fact, it will be WRUR! I picked up a copy of Dan Brown's latest book the Lost Symbol. I'll be heavily engaged with that over the weekend. Maybe I'll even write a small review of it. I can't wait to get started!
  • Matthew Rossi (@matthewwrossi) - AV on the shaman in between bouts of sick
  • Michael Gray (@writegray) - A pair of Guildmates of mine are getting married over the weekend, so I'll be stealthing around that event. Also, Death Knight.
  • Robin Torres: (@cosmiclaurel) - Pirates and brew. Duh! I'll be at the It came from the Blog Pirates Day event, will you?
  • Zach Yonzon: (@battlemasters) - Finally home from an extended trip that began with BlizzCon. I think that means I'll actually get to play some WoW this weekend, as well as actually get to freaking write! Also drawing some pretty cool things...
Well, that's it. What about you? You got your pirate's hat ready?

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