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Table-flipping becomes subject of Japanese arcade game


We all occasionally get the urge to make a showy fuss by sending a table -- and all the items said table is supporting -- sailing through the air. Whether you've just landed on a hotel-equipped Park Place in Monopoly, or if you've recently realized the downward spiral your half-finished life has embarked upon, the desire to dramatically rearrange furniture eventually visits us all. However, Destructoid recently turned our attention to a new Japanese arcade game that may prove cathartic enough to keep your dining room intact: Cho Chabudai Gaeshi, which translates to "Upending the Tea Table."

The game takes players through a number of enraging scenarios, forcing them to pound on the table to demand the attention of nearby diners, ultimately culminating in the titular Upending. You can check out two videos of rage-filled people playing the game after the jump.

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