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The Daily Grind: Do you stick to the same class?

With all the choice in MMOs in terms of who and what you can do, it seems like some of us are inexplicably drawn to the same classes over and over. For example, our own Features Editor, Dan O'Halloran, absolutely loves Druids. When he found out that there were going to be Druids in Runes of Magic, he offered to write the Druid class overview for them himself. My particular guilty pleasure is Rogues. Even though Fallen Earth has a classless system, I'm still running around with a couple of shivs and a length of pipe - enjoying that up-close stabby-stabby (and wishing for stealth options). Others we know are almost always Hunters, still others love to play Priests.

With all that said, this morning we thought we'd ask you - is there a particular class archetype you find yourself gravitating towards? Do you prefer to tank up front, with a huge sword and shield? Is your particular passion the ability to hurl magical damage at your opponents? Can you not resist playing any pet classes available? Do you have an archetype you like to play? Or do you just jump in and look for whatever suits you best in each particular game?

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