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WRUP: Game like a pirate edition

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day ye scalawags! We couldn't resist marking the date for all the landlubbers out there, as any day involving booty and rum is right up there in our books. We'd also note that if you hurry up, you can pick up a copy of LucasArts & Telltale Games' Tales of Monkey Island today for free until midnight Pacific tonight. Sure, it's not an MMO, but it's good, free pirate fun that we thought you might enjoy. If you'd prefer to stick with MMOs, though, there are lots of pirate options from Pirates of the Burning Sea and Pirates of the Caribbean Online, to one of our personal favorites for casual fun - Puzzle Pirates!

As far as the motley crew here aboard the SS Massively, it looks like we've got a hearty mix of gaming going on this week. From old-school gaming to new titles like Champions Online, Aion, and Fallen Earth, we're all over the place. For all the rum-soaked details - and to join in the fun - join us behind the break for this week's edition of What aRe yoU Playing!

Shawn Schuster (@SSchuster) - After buying Beatles Rock Band on release day, I'm hoping to have time to crack it open this weekend. Also, it looks like Garth Agarwen (in LotRO) will consume my Saturday night. Go go Massive Hobbits!

Brooke Pilley (@Snafzg) - I'm going to be preselecting my Aion server (Lumiel if anyone cares to say hello) and hitting up the head start on Sunday! I'm also working on a couple big Aion features for the site. Stay tuned!

Kyle Horner
(@Kylehorner) - I'll be playing some D&D as well as some more Champions Online. Plus, I'll probably make a little time for The Beatles: Rock Band too.

Dan O'Halloran
- A little bit of LotRO exploring more of Lothlorien. A little bit of DDO Unlimited giving the Favored Soul class a try. A little bit of Real Life (two birthday parties, gymnastics class with my daughter, Scout meeting with my son.)

James Egan (@jamesegan) - My gaming time might be a bit light this weekend but I'd like to do some Halo 3 with my friends in addition to hunting solo in EVE some more. Colin also reminded me today of the wonders of TF2

William Dobson - This weekend I'm going to try and get some Champions Online time in -- I picked up one of the discounted 6 month subscriptions but haven't made much use of it yet. I'll also be checking out the Ancient Heroes event in EverQuest and should have a feature article to show for it later on.

Brendan Drain
(@nyphur) - Apart from writing my EVE Evolved column, I think I'll be taking a much needed break from MMOs. I plan to either watch mountains of old Star Trek episodes or read a few books I've been putting off. What's more likely is that I'll just play bucket-loads of TF2. :p

Colin Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan) - This weekend is me cranking out some Star Wars RPG, then large amounts of Champions, and Aion on the 20th. Can't wait to see everyone for launch!

Krystalle Voecks
(@Krystalle) - We're quarantined to the house with what the doc suspects is H1N1 (the bacon plague). As such, I'll be looking after my son, napping, trying to build my ATV in Fallen Earth, or playing the $5 copy of Bioshock I picked up in the Direct2Drive sale.

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