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One Shots: Drunken revelry

Sure enough, it's that time of year. Brewfest has opened up in World of Warcraft, offering lots of drunken fun for those who opt to take part. Normally we don't get pictures quite this fast, but Mittzi from the Moon Guard role-playing server was nice enough to send this one in just as the party was getting started. She writes in: I thought you might like [this] exclusive shot from the opening of this year's Brewfest Festival right outside Ironforge. Keep in mind, this was *less than an hour* after the festivities began! I'd hate to be the one to clean up after this is all over... Yeah, that doesn't sound like a World of Warcraft quest we'd want either.

There are lots of events going on this month up until the end of the year in different MMOs. If you'd like to be our "eyes on the ground" reporters for One Shots, feel free to send in your image and tell us about the festivities! Email 'em in to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and the name of the game. We'll post them out here and give you the nod.

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