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Huawei set to launch 56Mbps HSPA+ service in 2010


Remember last week? When 21Mbps HSPA+ was something to stand up and cheer about, and you were even happy to settle for HSPA 7.2 if you could? Well, it's time trade in those good feelings for some jealousy and bitterness once again, buckaroo, 'cause Hauwei has now announced that it's set to more than double HSPA+ speeds to a jaw-dropping 56Mbps. That impressive feat has reportedly already been demonstrated by the company in Beijing, and Huawei will apparently begin a full rollout sometime next year. What's more, Huawei says that its carrier partners will be able to upgrade to the increased bandwidth via a simple software upgrade, which should both lower the cost and speed up the rollout -- just not around here.

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