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Need for Speed shifts to the top spot on UK charts


It looks like the UK's need for rock was outpaced by its need for speed [Hnngghh - Ed.], as Need for Speed Shift debuted in the top sales position this week. Need for Speed's arrival shifted [STOP IT - Ed.] Guitar Hero 5, DiRT 2 and Arkham Asylum to the second, third and fourth places, respectively. It seems the Fab Four couldn't hold on to their own homeland, with The Beatles: Rock Band slipping from fourth to seventh.

Meanwhile, Wii Sports Resort moved up one notch to fifth, while Bethesda's Wet debuted at number six. Rounding out the list were Call of Duty 4, Wii Fit and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. Now, if you'll excuse us, Joystiq Publishing needs to get back to planning its future UK blockbuster: Colin McRae's Shifty Arkham Hero.

Source -- EA's Need For Speed Shift's Into First (Chart Track)
Source -- All formats chart (Chart Track)

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