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Persona 3 Portable DX bundle bonuses revealed

Alright, look. When Persona 3 Portable is released in Japan, it's going to be attached to an exorbitantly large 6,279 yen ($68) price tag. As long as you're shelling out so much dough for the title, why not kick that total up to 8,495 yen ($92) and spring for the game's limited edition bundle?

Siliconera recently uncovered the bonus items included in the aptly titled Persona 3 Portable DX bundle: A Persona-branded t-shirt (seen above), 12 PSP jacket-sized character posters, and a 2010 desk calendar. You know what would've been a great addition to this bundle? Some Persona 3 papercraft made out of three 1,000 yen banknotes. Now that's a collector's item.

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