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TMNT fans speak up against Smash-Up character selection


The forums for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up have exploded with angry threads started, apparently, by people who purchased the game early at Best Buy. The rage is almost universally directed at the rather small character roster -- which features thirteen characters from the TMNTworld, and three different Rabbids.

While there's nothing particularly novel about a bunch of people complaining on the internet, the uproar does mean that we think it's worth telling you, the members of our audience who have yet to complain on the Ubi forums, about the smallish roster.

Basically, if you were going into this with dreams of pitting Baxter Stockman and Usagi Yojimbo against Krang, then you might want to rethink going into this.

[Thanks, Man in the Back!]

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