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US gets free Comet Crash update, while Europe (finally!) gets the game


We're glad that Pelfast has decided to don a free update to Comet Crash. Any excuse to talk about one of PSN's greatest downloadable games is fine by us. This tower-offense game may not have the most inspired visuals, but its radically unique interpretation of the tower defense genre had us enthralled from the game's start to its very end. Comet Crash does a remarkable job of constantly introducing new game mechanics, and ends with a battle with the most number of enemy units we've ever seen in a game ever.

Gamers in the US will be able to download a new patch in the coming weeks that adds "some new and remastered sound effects, graphics tweaks, language support and a newly optimized SDTV layout." Europeans will be able to get the enhanced game for the first time in October. Trust us on this: you'll really enjoy it.

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