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Alganon devs field questions on the studies system, crafting, and high level content

William Dobson

We now know that Alganon is set to release in October of this year, which is pretty darn soon. Chances are you still have some questions about the game, seeing as we really only started noticing it a few months ago. Recently the game's developers Quest Online gave members of the community a chance to send in some queries for a Developer Roundtable. The results of that Q&A session are now in, with the team tackling four questions:

  • How does the studies system help casuals from being left behind in progression and/or power? (link)
  • Will we be able to use SMS to do things like queuing up studies while not in-game (same link, further down page)
  • What plans are in place to keep players in the higher levels entertained while they wait for new content to be released? (link)
  • Is crafting actually going to be useful or is the primary source of new gear going to be new drops like most MMOs? (link)
Some quick takeaways from the answers given: the studies system can significantly lessen the gap between hardcore and casual players under some circumstances, SMS functionality isn't in place now but may be later, and high-end crafted gear is intended to be as powerful as raid gear. The devs are already collecting questions for the next roundtable, so if you've got any burning questions ahead Alganon's launch at the end of next month, head over to the thread and hit them with your best shot.

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