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HTC Tattoo earns FCC's love and respect

Chris Ziegler

HTC's fourth Android phone (the Dream, Magic, and Hero all came before it, lest we forget) just got hooked up with some sweet RF emission approvals, meaning anyone carrying a Tattoo this side of the pond is now welcome -- nay, encouraged -- to fire off a few shots of Bluetooth, WiFi, and a little EDGE here and there. The documentation indicates a model name of "CLIC100," verifying the commonly-held belief that the phone was known as the "Click" internally prior to its introduction (not to be confused with CLIQ, of course), and the "100" code indicates that it's the first variant with quadband GSM / EDGE with HSDPA 900 / 2100. Whether there'll be another variant produced later with 850 / 1900 3G for North America remains to be seen -- but for now, at least you're welcome to plod along with 2.5G without fear of FCC reprisal.

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