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Mad Catz kicks off Round 2 of Street Fighter IV peripherals

Any alley brawler worth his or her salt knows that when it comes to succeeding at Street Fighter IV, a standard controller doesn't really cut it. You can try and hold out on purchasing a custom-tailored joystick, but consider yourself warned: Capcom and Mad Catz are trying very, very hard to break your spirit. Earlier today, the peripheral manufacturer announced "Round 2" of its line of FightPads and a brand new FightStick, all of which will be dropping later this fall.

At $149.99, you'd have to be a fighting game fanatic to shell out for the Tournament Edition FightStick -- though that black and white motif is strangely alluring. You're more likely to spring for the $39.99 FightPads, each of which feature a design based on one of the game's characters. We'd be remiss if we didn't point out that the placement of the Start and Select buttons on the Crimson Viper FightPad is, well ... unfortunate.

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